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Every baker has a banana bread recipe tucked away in their archives. No matter if you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, a master recipe for banana bread (or any quick bread, for that matter) is a must-have. I have tweaked my recipe every time I bake it over the past few years based on personal preference, but the basics are always there. Sometimes I use dried okara, whole-wheat flour, flaxseed, or oatmeal in place of some parts flour to make it a healthier, fiber-filled breakfast option. Other times, I toss in strawberries or blueberries or when I’m feeling that chocolate craving, I replace 1/4 c of flour with cocoa powder and toss in chocolate chips. Most times I use applesauce and yogurt to replace the oil for that health-conscious girl in me. Last time, I used sour cream in place of the applesauce and yogurt. It’s filled with enough fat that it can act as a great substitute for oil and keeps the loaf moist and chewy that using applesauce doesn’t exactly give. As you can tell, it’s so easy to change the recipe since quick bread is such a forgiving bread. For anyone unfamiliar with baking banana bread, I recommend trying out my basic recipe first before making substitutions.


I usually make several batches (each batch enough for two loaves) with different flavors at once. I let the loaves cool completely before slicing them up and storing them in the freezer for my daily breakfast. I take a slice out the night before and let it come to room temp before eating. The steps for this bread are ridiculously easy. It’s basically mix and bake. Any level baker can carry out this recipe with ease.



A few tips on baking quick bread:

  • ATT_1429377942970_2015-04-18_12.12.14Make sure ALL ingredients are at room temperature before beginning.
  • Don’t overmix! It’ll make the bread taste dry.
  • Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately to avoid overworking the batter.
  • Substitute ingredients at your own caution. While it’s easy to swap ingredients around, remember that it’s important to keep a good wet-dry ingredient ratio. If you swap honey for sugar, make sure you subtract part of the wet ingredients so you won’t have an overly runny batter. Similarly, if you decide to add cocoa to your recipe, remember to subtract some of the flour from the recipe.
  • Feel free to make muffins or bake the bread in a bundt pan. Be aware that muffins will probably be done in ~20 minutes while a large bundt pan will take an extra 10-15 min.
  • Don’t over bake! It WILL be dry and crumbly. I tend to start checking my loaf 5 min before the timer is up. Similarly, don’t under bake! Make sure you use a toothpick or baking thermometer to make sure the insides are cooked.
  • I usually use a combination of bananas. One or two super ripe (to the point where liquid is ATT_1429377986514_2015-04-18_12.18.23seeping out) for that full banana fragrance, and then the other are 5-6 days old, ample soft to the touch, and well browned peels. I like to roughly mash them so that there are still a few bits of banana within so that when they’re baked, you can still taste small chunks of banana
  • To ripen bananas quickly, bake them for 3-4 minutes in an oven in their peels.
  • Don’t let the mixture sit for too long after combining. The baking powder will lose effect and the loaf will not rise properly.
  • The batter should be thick enough that it isn’t runny like regular yogurt or milk, but not as thick as dry batter like biscotti.


As always, have fun baking!

Note*** This recipe is soley mine. When reposting , please cite me. I have seen a blogger who has copied my recipe exactly and not only refused to give me credit, but deleted my comment asking them to credit me.

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Moist and fragrant banana bread made easy and healthy
>>> Yields 1 9 x 5 loaf

-Prep: 10 min
-Bake: 60 min


– 3-4 ripe bananas, roughly mashed
– 2 eggs
– 2 c all-purpose flour (can be sub up to 1 c with whole wheat flour)
– 1/3 tsp salt
– 1/2 c packed brown sugar (can sub 1:1 with white sugar or honey)
– 1 tbsp vanilla extract
– 1/2 c oil (can sub 1:1 with yogurt, applesauce, or sour cream)
– 1 tsp baking powder
– 1/2 tsp baking soda

– optional: 2 tbsp spice mix (cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg)
– mix-ins (lightly dust in flour to prevent sinking): nuts, chocolate chips, berries, oatmeal (may be sprinkled on top), etc)


1) Preheat the oven to 350 F.
2) Mix the dry ingredient together in a bowl. Mix the wet ingredients together in a separate bowl.
3) Combine the dry and wet ingredients together.
4) Pour batter into a lightly greased pan.
5) Bake for 60 min.
6) Remove from oven and let it cool completely before slicing.



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